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Expert Legal Services

Serving business without any legal function, as well as those with in-house legal teams by providing extra capacity.

We are a full service and top ranked law firm offering a business to business legal service throughout the UK. As a new style “lawcompany” we have invested to create a market leading team of legal professionals, who service clients in a proactive and commercial manner from our technology-based platform.

Our team is made up of quality lawyers who share our ethos and vision of partnering with business clients to develop long term and supportive relationships. Acuity attracts new lawyers from senior positions in industry and from traditional firms, and in all cases it’s because the lawyer wants better quality of professional life and way of working.

Our culture is reflected in the way that we treat our clients and the speed and precision with which we give advice. We give tailor-made legal solutions allowing us to work as a natural extension of our clients’ commercial and legal teams.

Cost Effective Rates

We do away with the need for individual terms of engagement for each piece of work and you have the reassurance of cost-effective rates across the board.

Complete Transparency

Your credits can be used not just for legal advice, but for additional Acuity products. Furthermore, you will have complete transparency on all work we carry out.

Pragmatic Advice

Working on a subscription basis, Acuity Counsel is a great way for us to get to know your business and enables us to give advice in a commercial and pragmatic manner.

Working Smarter

Why Clients Choose Us?

  • Flexible access to a select team of industry-leading lawyers as an extension of your in-house legal team.
  • Expert legal advice spanning seventeen practice areas.
  • Complete control of your legal spend via our low-cost subscription service.
  • Discounted blended rate against contingency hourly fees.
  • Access to additional legal services including Acuity Academy and DataGuard.
  • Transparent monthly invoicing with roll-over for unused hours.

Partners at Acuity

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