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Legal Membership Service

Flexible, Scalable & Bespoke

Acuity Counsel Service is a membership service built to support your business’ legal needs from routine legal assistance to large-scale projects.

Providing expert legal advice spanning 17 practice areas at preferential rates, our innovative legal outsourcing solution is responsive, flexible and gives you the freedom to access our team of award-winning lawyers as and when you need them.

With no long-term tie in and roll-over monthly credits to be used across Acuity’s membership services, you have access to a legal team who understands your business and integrates seamlessly with your team.

Acuity Counsel Service is a membership service built to support your business’ legal needs from routine legal assistance to large-scale projects. We match you with a tailored team of industry leading lawyers to work as an extension of your business and allowing you to manage your membership through our bespoke client portal designed to put you in control.

Our Client Portal is a unique and secure resource available 24/7 allowing members to control and monitor their spend as well as providing access to a wealth of resources including additional Acuity products and services and our Knowledge Bank full of legal templates and guidance notes.

Through the portal you can access your matters, invoices and utilisation statements and the click of a button. As well as the use of our Knowledge Bank, empowering your business with a library of documents including legal templates, guidance notes and training tools that are all designed to save you time and expense.

Members also have access to all other acuity Membership Services and products including:

Employment & HR

Utilise our expert employment team and gain access to the vast array of documents at your disposal in our knowledge bank. 

Employment & HR

  • Access to our knowledge bank
  • Vast array of documents available
  • Utilise an expert employment team
  • Reduce HR workload
  • Improve HR processes and policies

Business Support

Our Acuity Counsel Service provides support to businesses with a regular requirement for routine legal advice.

Business Support

  • Commercial contracts
  • Data and privacy advice 
  • Disputes and settlements 
  • Real estate advice
  • Corporate advice and documents
  • No need for an in-house lawyer


Expert, gives you the ability to leverage in-depth, hands on, Partner-led support for extraordinary legal matters.


  • Highly specialist work
  • Partner led support
  • Project led approach
  • Leverage in-depth support
  • 24/7 expert support

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Expert legal advice spanning seventeen practice areas.
  • Discounted blended rate against contingency hourly fees.
  • Flexible access to a select team of industry-leading lawyers as an extension of your in-house legal team.
  • Access to additional Acuity products and services.
  • Transparent monthly invoicing with roll-over for unused hours.
  • Complete control of your legal spend via our low-cost membership service.

Membership Benefits

What's Included

Acuity Counsel Service Membership

24/7 Client Portal Access
Blended Hourly Rate
Bespoke Knowledge Bank
Expertise In 17 Practice Areas
Rollover Unused Hours across Acuity Membership Services & products

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