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Acuity Counsel Service provides flexible solutions to help you manage your legal requirements.

ACS works on a subscription basis with no long-term tie-in. It is a scalable and agile resource that flexes when your business needs it. You will commit to a set number of hours per month and benefit from a discounted blended rate with complete flexibility as your business grows. We bill clients monthly and report quarterly and any unused hours roll-forward to the next month to ensure we deliver optimum value.

We agree a single reference hourly rate with you on the basis that you commit to a minimum of five or more hours per month, and we can also agree a set of fixed fees for work if that is your preference.

How it works

Features & Benefits

  • We do away with the need for individual terms of engagement for each piece of work and you have the reassurance of cost-effective rates across the board.
  • Your credits can be used not just for legal advice, but for additional Acuity products and services.
  • The Acuity Counsel structure is a great way for us to get to know your business and enables us to give advice in a commercial and pragmatic manner.
  • You will have complete transparency on the work we carry out for you.

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